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Colour Psychology in Squarespace Website Design

Have you ever pondered the rainbow of possibilities that colour psychology brings to your website design? It's not just about picking your favourite hues; it's about weaving a tapestry of emotions and reactions that resonate with your audience at first click!

Let's dive into the kaleidoscope of colours and uncover how they can transform your Squarespace site from meh to mesmerising with our colour cheat sheet.

Red – The Attention-Grabber

Red is like that friend who walks into a room and immediately turns heads; it screams passion and energy. Use it wisely to ignite excitement or highlight a call to action. But remember, less is more unless you're going for the heart-racing vibe of a clearance sale.

Side note, did you know that the colour red is scientifically proven to increase your body's heart rate and energy levels?

Blue – The Trust Builder

Trusted by corporations like Facebook and Dell, blue reflects stability, tranquillity, and professionalism. It's ideal for tech and finance websites, promoting a sense of security and trust. Blue tells your visitors, "Relax, you're in good hands." Just do what is necessary, or you might send your visitors into a state that is too relaxed…

Green – The Zen Master

Green is nature's backdrop, synonymous with growth, health, and tranquillity. Ideal for wellness brands or eco-friendly initiatives, it whispers, "Take a deep breath, we're all about harmony here." Just make sure your green isn't too neon, or you might accidentally recreate a '90s sci-fi movie vibe. (Though 90's trends are resurfacing at the moment, so if that's your vibe, roll with it!).

Yellow – The Optimist

Bright and impossible to ignore, yellow radiates positivity, creativity, and warmth. It's like a virtual high-five to your visitors. Use it to highlight key features or inject a dash of cheerfulness. But beware, the wrong shade might tip you over into caution-tape territory.

Purple – The Luxurious Innovator

Mysterious and regal, purple balances the excitement of red with the tranquillity of blue. It's fantastic for brands that want to exude luxury, creativity, or a touch of the mystical. Just don't go too dark, or you might lose that innovative edge.

Orange – The Friendly Convincer

Obviously, our favourite, orange, is your energetic, fun-loving pal, great for call-to-actions and grabbing attention without the intensity of red. It's friendly, inviting, and has a knack for convincing. Use it to make your 'Sign Up' button pop or to add a playful flair to your headlines.

Black & White – The Classic Duo

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Black and white create a timeless, sophisticated look that speaks of elegance and clarity. Perfect for galleries, portfolios, or minimalist designs that let your content shine. You can see this in action in our Haus and Monos templates.

Mastering colour psychology in website design

Remember, balance and relevance are key to mastering colour psychology in your Squarespace design. Ensure your palette aligns with your brand's personality and your audience's expectations. Play around, experiment, and watch your website bloom with the power of colour!

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Happy designing!


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