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Folio - The Best Squarespace Template for Portfolios

Another month, another template launch!

This month, we’re celebrating the launch of our Folio template design, a portfolio Squarespace template for designers and creatives, designed by me, a designer! 

Our Folio Squarespace 7.1 Template Kit for designers and visual creatives is fresh, sophisticated and fully customisable. We’ve designed it not to overpower your brand but to let your creative identity shine through. The hints of purposeful animation and minimalistic designs will show your future clients that you mean business!

I know firsthand the struggles of updating our portfolios, it’s the thing that’s at the bottom of our to-do list, and we love to find creative ways to put off updating our online portfolio, but the harsh truth is, not updating your portfolio could be losing you money and clients. Not ideal!

Your latest work is often your greatest work, so by not regularly updating your website, you’re not showing off your finest pieces. You wouldn’t turn up to an interview with a client in your pyjamas (I would hope…), and not looking after your online portfolio is the digital equivalent. 

Folio Squarespace Website Template for Designers and Creatives

What our Squarespace Template Portfolio Kit contains:

‘Folio’ contains everything you need to put your designs at the forefront of your website. Our simple and user-friendly templates come with pages to showcase not only your portfolio pieces (for all the freelancers out there) but also pages to showcase your services, for the more agency or studio-style businesses.

As well as this, our Squarespace portfolio template contains the following pre-built pages, ready for you to add your creative flair: 

  • Home 
  • About
  • 2 Portfolio page options (both with 6 portfolio pages ready for you to upload your latest work) 
  • Services (with 3 pre-built Services pages)
  • Blog 
  • Work With Me 

Folio Squarespace Website Template for Designers and Creatives

The Portfolio

Why should I build my portfolio on Squarespace? 

As a designer, your portfolio is one of the most important tools you have. It's how you showcase your work to potential clients and employers, and it can make or break your career. That's why it's so important to choose a platform that will help you create a portfolio that's both professional and stylish.

Squarespace is the perfect platform for creative professionals; it's easy to use (if you get confused, don’t worry, our Squarespace Website Templates come with in-depth video training to make sure you feel confident when editing your website!) but it also offers a wide range of cool features that allow you to create a truly unique and personal portfolio. 

With duplicable sections, image libraries and an easy-to-manage back, it almost (almost!) makes creating your portfolio, fun! 

Folio Squarespace Website Template for Designers and Creatives

Tips for getting your online portfolio launched 

As someone who’s been designing and updating my portfolio for over 13 years now, I can confidently say that it's not as daunting as it seems, as long as you have a plan! Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Start by gathering all of your work together. This includes anything you've created for school, work, or personal projects. I’d then select three - six of your best pieces to get started with; any more than that will probably overwhelm you, and then you’ll stop, procrastinate and catch up on Ru Paul instead…
  2. Once you have your select pieces, start to create mockups. Either take screenshots of your website designs, or mock-up logos onto business cards. Mockups are a great way of allowing your potential clients to quickly determine what kind of design you do, i.e. if there are a lot of laptop and iPad mock-ups, you’re probably a website designer, if there are lots of packaging mockups, you’re most likely a packaging designer etc. Spend time making mockups, and once you’ve created them, you can also use these to post on your socials too, two birds, one stone! 
  3. Next, it's time to choose a website platform and template *ahem, Folio, ahem*
  4. When designing your portfolio, be sure to keep it clean and easy to navigate. You want potential clients to be able to find the information they're looking for quickly and easily. Don’t get too excited and add loads of unnecessary things in just for the sake of it. Keep it clean!
  5. Copy not your thing? No dramas. Fill in the blanks with AI copywriting. If you’re not a copywriter, sometimes the hardest thing is figuring out what to write on your About page, or for each portfolio item, but now we have no excuse, my friends! You can use Chat GPT or Squarespace AI, give it a brief and ask it to write the content for you - just make sure to edit it so it doesn’t sound too out of the box! 

Folio Squarespace Website Template for Designers and Creatives

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