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Four Free Modern Squarespace Font Combinations

Welcome to our design blog, where we're excited to present you with another collection of modern font pairings using free Google fonts that seamlessly integrate into Squarespace.

This time, we've handpicked modern and understated fonts with a friendly and welcoming feel, setting the perfect tone for your website. So, let's dive in and explore these captivating typeface combinations that will add a touch of casual charm to your brand's online presence.

Modern Squarespace Font Pairings for Website Design


Aboreto and Figtree

The pairing of Aboreto and Figtree effortlessly captures a contemporary and inviting atmosphere. Aboreto, with its clean lines and gentle curves, brings a touch of sophistication to your headers and titles, while Figtree, a stylish sans-serif font, infuses your body text with warmth and approachability. This combination strikes a harmonious balance between modernity and a friendly aesthetic, perfect for brands that want to create a welcoming online environment where visitors feel right at home.

Modern Squarespace Font Pairings for Website Design


Red Rose Light and Proxima Nova

Try pairing Red Rose (In the light weight) and Proxima Nova for a sleek and modern look with a casual twist. Red Rose, with its elegant and slender letterforms, adds a touch of refinement and simplicity to your headers, whilst Proxima Nova, a versatile and legible sans-serif font, ensures clarity and readability for your body text. This pairing exudes a contemporary vibe, making it ideal for brands that value a clean and approachable aesthetic.

Modern Squarespace Font Pairings for Website Design


Fahkwang Light and Acumin Pro Wide

If you're looking for a confident and modern font combination, try pairing Fahkwang and Acumin Pro Wide, these fonts take up some space horizontal space with a wide x-axis. This pairing is excellent as it balances readability with casual flair.

Fahkwang Light, with its broad and rounded letterforms and gentle strokes, imparts a friendly and approachable feel to your headers, while Acumin Pro Wide, a spacious and versatile sans-serif font, ensures clarity and professionalism in your body text. This combination is perfect for brands prioritising readability and maintaining a relaxed and modern style.

Modern Squarespace Font Pairings for Website Design


Albert Sans Regular

When versatility and casual elegance are key, Albert Sans Regular is the go-to font that can serve both as your header and body font. With its clean lines and balanced letterforms, Albert Sans Regular offers a modern, understated aesthetic that seamlessly fits various brand identities.

Its casual charm strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and elegance, allowing you to maintain consistency throughout your website and create a cohesive and effortlessly stylish design.

These font pairings, carefully selected for their modern and welcoming appeal, provide a solid foundation for your brand's online presence.

By integrating these fonts into your Squarespace website, you can effortlessly convey a friendly, approachable tone that resonates with your audience.

Remember, typography plays a vital role in shaping your brand's image, so take your time to explore these options and select the pairings that best align with your brand's personality and values.

Why font pairings are important

Choosing the right font combination is key to crafting a memorable brand image, especially if you're aiming for the luxury market. A luxury brand with a non-luxury font can visually confuse your audience.

By utilising our carefully curating font pairings, you can create a visually stunning design that resonates with your audience, with the essence of luxury, sophistication, and high-end aesthetics.


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