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How A Squarespace Template For Your Copywriting Studio Will Elevate Your Biz

Why You Need A Kick-Ass Squarespace Template For Your Copywriting Studio Squarebase Copywriters Premium Squarespace Website Template On Ipad

We all have our talents; you write words for a living - we’ve built a platform for other people to see them. Whether you’re a freelance writer, copywriter, content creator or content writer, you can launch your new website quickly and easily, with a custom-designed template built with copywriters in mind. 

Do I need a website as a copywriter?

If there’s one task that all copywriters will avoid, it’s updating our portfolio. Even worse? The idea of creating or updating a portfolio website. However, as a copywriter or freelance writer, our websites and portfolios often do all the talking for us. 

So, if your site doesn’t reflect your personality and experience, it’s really tough for clients to see what you can really bring to the table. As well as this, a portfolio website offers your business a degree of credibility, which can be a huge benefit to a copywriter when you have a potentially nervous client.  

Quill & Co Premium Squarespace Website Template for Copywriters Writers Squarebase

Skip the small talk, let’s get straight to the important stuff

No more wading through Instagram DMs or emails, trying to find who briefed what. With your own customisable copywriter website, clients can arrange appointments and submit information through an online built-in booking system. 

Need to move fast? We’ll get your brand-spanking-new Squarespace template up and running within 24 hours, meaning you start making money and gaining new clients as soon as possible.

No more business development

Our copywriter’s Squarespace template kit has been built with business development in mind. Explore our SEO advice, we’ll talk you through the whole process, allowing you to start ranking higher in search engines and gaining new clients. 

As regular blog content is one of the easiest ways to improve your SEO, our Squarespace template kits come with the ability to create your own blog posts easily. Offering you another opportunity to show off your content writing skills. 

Quill & Co Copywriters Website Template Kit for Squarespace by Squarebase

Fancy creating a passive income stream as a creative? 

Our Squarespace copywriter’s template has everything you need to make it happen. 

Creating short courses or caption ideas for clients is a great way to create a passive income. Meaning that you can offer your client an additional service, without any extra hassle on your end. With a dedicated page that allows you to host your new resources, it’s a simple way for you to start creating your second income.  

What You Get With Our Squarespace Copywriter Template

Our Quill Squarespace 7.1 Template Kit is beautiful, practical and totally customisable. We crafted it specifically for freelance writers, copywriters, content writers and content creators. 

Make your site feel like it truly represents your business by switching up the font choices, colours and images. We’ll send you step-by-step videos on how to edit your website. Not got much imagery sorted yet? No problem - you can use the photos and videos that are embedded in the template. These images used are all free stock photos.

Our Squarespace Copywriters Template Has 8 Pages Ready To Go

Our Quill Squarespace Template comes with eight pages designed to get your copywriters business online, quickly! 

  •     Homepage
  •     About
  •     Blog and blog post 
  •     Resource space 
  •     Copywriter Services Shop 
  •     Contact
  •     Terms and Conditions 
  •     404 Error Page

Squarebase Responsive Website Template for Copywriters and Writers Squarespace

Ready to get your Squarespace copywriter template up and running?

You take care of copywriters, we’ll take care of your site. With a professionally-designed Squarespace copywriter website from Squarebase, you’ll be able to attract more clients, show off your portfolio and increase your income. 

We’re here to help every step of the way, and our step-by-step guides can help you develop your site further, even after you’ve installed your copywriter’s template.


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