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January Blues: 25 Shades of Blues To Use In Your Next Branding Project

Today we're bringing a new meaning to January Blues — we're switching out the melancholy for colour palette inspiration of 25 shades that will inspire your next cool project.

As the first month of the year unfolds, we're diving into a spectrum of blues that go beyond the ordinary, inspired by the crisp winter skies, serene icy landscapes, and the quiet beauty that January brings.

This blog is a celebration of creativity, exploration, and the diverse hues that emerge when you let your imagination run wild. Join us on this chromatic journey as we unveil a collection that will add vibrancy and warmth to the chilliest days of the year.

Blue Colour 1 - Cosmic Dust

HEX: #E2E7FE | RGB  226, 231, 254 | CMYK  11, 6, 0, 0

Serene light blue, reminiscent of clear skies or tranquil winter scenes. Its gentle touch brings a sense of clarity and peace, making it perfect for creating soothing designs. 


Blue Colour 2 - Baby Powder

HEX: # F0F7FF | RGB  240, 247, 255 | CMYK  6, 3, 0, 0

Soft and ethereal shade of light blue, evoking the serene ambiance of a clear winter day. This gentle hue radiates calmness and purity, making it an excellent choice for designs that aim to convey a sense of tranquility and openness.

Blue Colour 3 - Columbia

HEX: #D4E9F5 | RGB: 212, 233, 245 | CMYK: 13, 5, 0, 4

A delicate hue reminiscent of clear Columbia skies. This serene blue evokes a sense of tranquility and openness, making it an ideal choice for designs seeking a peaceful atmosphere.

Blue Colour 4 - Lavender Smoke

HEX: #CED3EB | RGB: 206, 211, 235 | CMYK: 12, 10, 0, 8

A subtle blend of lavender and misty blue, this colour exudes a calming energy. Perfect for designs aiming to strike a balance between soft elegance and a touch of mystery.

Blue Colour 5 - Arctic Sky

HEX: #D3E2FF | RGB: 211, 226, 255 | CMYK: 17, 11, 0, 0

Inspired by the vastness of the Arctic sky, this colour captivates with its cool, refreshing tones. It's an excellent choice for designs that aim to convey a sense of clarity and purity.

Blue Colour 6 - Ice Ice Baby

HEX: #C0E4F8 | RGB: 192, 228, 248 | CMYK: 23, 8, 0, 3

A cool and refreshing shade, reminiscent of pristine ice. This colour adds a touch of purity to your designs, making it perfect for creating a crisp and clean aesthetic.

Blue Colour 7 - Santorini

HEX: #9CC4E1 | RGB: 156, 196, 225 | CMYK: 31, 13, 0, 12

Inspired by the enchanting waters of Santorini, this colour combines a mix of blue and turquoise, creating a harmonious and calming effect. Ideal for designs seeking a touch of coastal elegance.

Blue Colour 8 - Clear Skies

HEX: #7EBDEB | RGB: 126, 189, 235 | CMYK: 46, 20, 0, 8

A vivid representation of clear skies, this colour brings a refreshing and uplifting energy to your designs. Perfect for creating a vibrant and optimistic atmosphere.

Blue Colour 9 - Ultra Violet

HEX: #819CE3 | RGB: 129, 156, 227 | CMYK: 43, 31, 0, 11

A deep and rich violet-blue hue that exudes sophistication and mystery. This colour adds a touch of drama to your designs, making a bold and memorable statement.

Blue Colour 10 - Denim

HEX: #83A7D3 | RGB: 131, 167, 211 | CMYK: 38, 21, 0, 17

Classic and versatile, this denim-inspired blue is timeless. With a balanced mix of depth and clarity, it suits a wide range of design aesthetics.

Blue Colour 11 - Winter Bluebell

HEX: #5985B9 | RGB: 89, 133, 185 | CMYK: 52, 28, 0, 28

A serene bluebell hue, this colour embodies the tranquility of winter. It's perfect for creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere in your designs.

Blue Colour 12 - Aquamarine

HEX: #71B4C9 | RGB: 113, 180, 201 | CMYK: 44, 10, 0, 21

Inspired by the soothing tones of aquamarine waters, this colour radiates calmness and clarity. It's an excellent choice for designs that seek a refreshing and cool aesthetic.

Blue Colour 13 - Twilight

HEX: #5D83B0 | RGB: 93, 131, 176 | CMYK: 47, 25, 0, 31

As the sun sets, Twilight captures the essence of the evening sky. A harmonious blend of blue and grey, this colour brings a sense of calm and introspection to your designs.

Blue Colour 14 - Winter Bluebell

HEX: #5985B9 | RGB: 89, 133, 185 | CMYK: 52, 28, 0, 28

A serene bluebell hue, this colour embodies the tranquility of winter. It's perfect for creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere in your designs.

Blue Colour 15 - Harbour Mist

HEX: #4F7D96 | RGB: 79, 125, 150 | CMYK: 47, 16, 0, 41

Inspired by misty harbours, this colour blends sophistication with a touch of mystery. Its muted blue-grey tones make it versatile for creating elegant and understated designs.

Blue Colour 16 - Celestial Blue

HEX: #5E6BAF | RGB: 94, 107, 175 | CMYK: 46, 39, 0, 31

A cosmic hue reminiscent of the evening sky, Celestial Blue adds a touch of mystique and wonder to your designs. Perfect for creating dreamy and enchanting visuals.

Blue Colour 17 - Indigo Moon

HEX: #F0F7FF | RGB: 225, 91, 49 | CMYK: 0, 60, 79, 12

A heavenly shade of indigo, this colour embodies the magic of a moonlit night. Its soft and ethereal quality makes it an ideal choice for designs seeking a touch of enchantment.

Blue Colour 18 - Capri Blue

HEX: #315D84 | RGB: 49, 93, 132 | CMYK: 63, 30, 0, 48

Inspired by the waters of Capri, this deep blue exudes sophistication and depth. It's a bold choice for creating impactful and stylish designs.

Blue Colour 19 - Ocean Mineral

HEX: #4F6A79 | RGB: 79, 106, 121 | CMYK: 35, 12, 0, 53

Reflecting the depth of ocean minerals, this colour strikes a balance between elegance and subtlety. Its muted tones create a calming and timeless aesthetic.

Blue Colour 20 - Cobalt Bright

HEX: #33418B | RGB: 51, 65, 139 | CMYK: 63, 53, 0, 45

A vibrant and bold cobalt blue that commands attention. Ideal for designs that seek to make a strong and confident statement.

Blue Colour 21 - Cerulean

HEX: #648BB9 | RGB: 100, 139, 185 | CMYK: 46, 25, 0, 27

Evoking the clear blue skies, Cerulean is a classic and serene colour. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of designs seeking a calm and peaceful ambiance.

Blue Colour 22 - Blueberry Pie

HEX: #5C669B | RGB: 92, 102, 155 | CMYK: 41, 34, 0, 39

A delicious blend of blue and purple, this colour captures the essence of a blueberry pie. It brings a sense of warmth and comfort to your designs.

Blue Colour 23 - Peacock

HEX: #154B5C | RGB: 21, 75, 92 | CMYK: 77, 19, 0, 64

Inspired by the iridescence of a peacock's feathers, this deep teal colour adds a touch of luxury and opulence to your designs.

Blue Colour 24 - Sapphire

HEX: #181755 | RGB: 24, 23, 85 | CMYK: 72, 73, 0, 67

Deep and rich like the gemstone, Sapphire brings a touch of drama and elegance to your designs. It's a classic choice for creating bold and impactful visuals.

Blue Colour 25 - Steel Marine

HEX: #092534 | RGB: 9, 25, 34 | CMYK: 73, 27, 0, 87

A dark and mysterious steel blue, reminiscent of deep marine waters. This colour adds depth and sophistication to designs seeking a bold and intense aesthetic.

And There We Have It!

Over 25 shades of blue to infuse your January with a burst of colour and inspiration!

From the calming ceruleans reminiscent of clear winter skies to the deep indigos that mirror the stillness of frost-kissed landscapes, this colour collection is a testament to the endless possibilities within just one single colour family.

As we finish up today, we hope these hues find their way into your creative endeavour's, whether it's designing, painting, or simply appreciating the beauty that surrounds us!

Embrace the January blues in all their shades, and let your imagination soar :)


Did you use any of these shades of blue? Share them with us below or on socials.

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