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Our Top 7 Reasons Why We Love Squarespace Websites

Squarespace is a website building platform that you’ve probably seen advertised all over the tube, on every advert on your phone, and follows you around every website. Today’s blog post we are sharing our Top 7 reasons why we love Squarespace so much. So, let's jump right in!


Squarespace Has Over 1600 Font Options

With this many fonts available to choose from, Squarespace has made finding your own style super achievable! With a selection of over 600 Google Fonts and 1000+ Typekit fonts. It’s time to say goodbye to Arial, let go of Times New Roman, and delete Comic Sans’ number. With this many fonts, you can choose a way of writing that suits you, your product and your clients.  


All Squarespace Websites are Completely Responsive

Responsive website design means that whatever size screen or device you’re viewing your website on (i.e. desktop, tablet, mobile) the content resizes seamlessly. Other competitors such as Wix do have mobile sites, but the content doesn’t fully resize for all screen dimensions, resulting in glitchy interfaces and lost content should you not be on the latest iPhone. It is paramount that your website works fluidly across all platforms, as you never know how a future client could be viewing your website!


Squarespace Has Built-In Analytics

Inside the CMS of Squarespace, you have built-in analytics. These allow you to understand where your customers are coming from, which pages are popular and how much traffic you’re generating. From this your site can be honed, your user flow refined, and content served to your users based on this data


Squarespace Has an E-Commerce Platform

With Squarespace’s built-in e-commerce platform, you can offer your products and services easily online with minimal stress. You can process transactions, keep on top of your inventory and (hopefully not) issue refunds all with the click of a few buttons. Conveniently Squarespace also easily integrates with several distribution platforms taking the pressure off storage and postage, which takes us smoothly onto our next point.


Squarespace Integrates Easily With Third-Party Platforms

You can easily link up with all the big content and data management tools, such as MailChimp, social media platforms, OpenTable, Soundcloud - you name it. It sounds trivial but trust us, after you’ve spent countless hours refining and perfecting your product the last thing you want is to be thwarted by the complexities of data management and broadcasting. Squarespace makes these as easy as a few clicks for you and your users, giving you more time to perfect your product and run your business.


Squarespace Allows You to be in Control of Your Website

The great thing is, when you have installed your layout, making updates to your photographs is easy and accessible for you to go into your website and make those changes and add or remove pages as and when you need to. 

Even better, you can take advantage of experimenting with different versions of presenting your work without deleting pages, by keeping pages hidden in the ‘not linked’ section on pages. You can even utilise that feature even further on your website by creating items such as questionnaires that you can send clients to with a link.


Squarespace offers 24/7 online support.

You can really rely on the help of the staff at Squarespace. The online support team at Squarespace are super friendly and superlative at making sure you get the guidance you need, with step by step instructions and video recorded screenshots of how to manage your site yourself. Squarespace provides hundreds of resources you can refer to for help. With the support of available online assistance, the team can get you back on track with your website in quick time.


Plus….We love Squarespace so much that we’ve even made custom Squarespace Template Kits! 

And if all of this hasn’t convinced you to move over to Squarespace, then maybe our selection of pre-designed Squarespace Template Kits could sway your opinion! With websites designed with specific industries, our template kits will get your business online quickly, whilst looking good and not breaking the bank!


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