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Romantic Rouges:
25 Blushing Shades to Inspire Your Next Palette

As we bid farewell to the icy tones of January Blues, February ushers in the warmth and tenderness of love. In this edition, we explore 25 enchanting shades of pink that promise to infuse your creative endeavours with passion, romance, and a touch of whimsy.

Join us on this chromatic journey as we unravel the vibrant spectrum of pinks inspired by the delicate hues of blooming flowers, the blush of a winter sunrise, and the playful touch of Cupid's arrow.

Colour 1 - Hendrix

HEX: #64183C | RGB: 100, 24, 60 | CMYK: 0, 76, 40, 61

A deep and mysterious shade of pink, reminiscent of velvet allure. Hendrix exudes passion and sophistication, making a bold statement with its intense and captivating presence.

Colour 2 - Pink Clay

HEX: #EOAAAA | RGB: 224, 170, 170 | CMYK: 0, 24, 24, 12

Pink Clay introduces a warm and earthy undertone to the palette. This subtle hue, resembling soft terracotta, exudes a gentle charm that adds a touch of natural elegance to any design.

Colour 3 - Flamingo

HEX: #FF9B9B | RGB: 255, 155, 155 | CMYK: 0, 39, 39, 0

Flamingo is a playful and vibrant pink that captures the spirit of fun and excitement. This energetic hue radiates joy and positivity, making it perfect for designs that aim to uplift and inspire.

Colour 4 - Cotton Candy

HEX: #F9D7D7 | RGB: 249, 215, 215 | CMYK: 0, 14, 14, 2

Cotton Candy is a sweet and ethereal shade of pink, reminiscent of the classic carnival treat. This gentle hue evokes a sense of nostalgia and innocence, making it ideal for designs that seek a whimsical touch.

Colour 5 - Thulian Blush

HEX: #D77B7B | RGB: 215, 123, 123 | CMYK: 0, 43, 43, 16

Thulian Blush is a delicate and romantic pink with a hint of sophistication. This shade exudes a timeless charm, making it suitable for designs that aim to convey both tenderness and elegance.

Colour 6 - Brick Red

HEX: #BE4343 | RGB: 190, 67, 67 | CMYK: 0, 65, 65, 25

Brick Red is a warm and grounded shade of pink, resembling the earthy tones of traditional brick. This hue adds a touch of rustic warmth and strength to designs seeking a balance between passion and stability.

Colour 7 - Scarlet

HEX: #FD5C46 | RGB: 253, 92, 70 | CMYK: 0, 64, 72, 1

Scarlet is a bold and vivid pink with a hint of red, making a powerful and attention-grabbing statement. This passionate hue is ideal for designs that demand intensity and confidence.

Colour 8 - Peach Blush

HEX: #E19C9C | RGB: 225, 156, 156 | CMYK: 0, 31, 31, 12

Peach Blush is a soft and soothing pink with subtle undertones of peach. This gentle hue radiates warmth and tranquillity, creating a sense of comfort and serenity in designs.

Colour 9 - Crimson Flame

HEX: #DE2727 | RGB: 222, 39, 39 | CMYK: 0, 82, 82, 13

Crimson Flame is an intense shade of red, evoking drama and passion. This colour adds a bold and memorable touch to designs seeking to make a strong and lasting impression.

Colour 10 - Indian Red

HEX: #C96262 | RGB: 201, 98, 98 | CMYK: 0, 51, 51, 21

Indian Red is a rich and earthy pink with a touch of warmth. This hue exudes a sense of cultural richness and depth, making it suitable for designs that celebrate heritage and tradition.

Colour 11 - Bubblegum

HEX: #F02A59 | RGB: 240, 42, 89 | CMYK: 0, 83, 63, 6

This playful and vibrant shade of pink mirrors the sweet and nostalgic hues of classic bubblegum. With its bold and lively personality, Bubblegum adds a pop of excitement to any creative project, inviting a fun and carefree spirit into the visual narrative.

Colour 12 - Salmon

HEX: #F18484 | RGB: 241, 132, 132 | CMYK: 0, 45, 45, 5

Salmon is a sophisticated and muted shade of pink, with warm undertones. This versatile hue strikes a balance between subtlety and vibrancy, making it an excellent choice for designs that seek a touch of refinement.

Colour 13 - Garnet

HEX: #9C0202 | RGB: 156, 2, 2 | CMYK: 0, 99, 99, 39

Garnet is a deep and regal shade of pink-red, reminiscent of the precious gemstone. This colour exudes opulence and richness, making it a bold and captivating choice for designs that demand attention.

Colour 14 - Deep Cerise

HEX: #E4525B | RGB: 228, 82, 91 | CMYK: 0, 64, 60, 11

Deep Cerise is an intense and vibrant pink that adds a dynamic and playful element to designs, making a bold statement with its vivid personality.

Colour 15 - Red Currant

HEX: #901B1B | RGB: 144, 27, 27 | CMYK: 0, 81, 81, 44

Red Currant is a rich and warm shade of pink with deep red undertones. This colour exudes a sense of comfort and familiarity, making it an inviting choice for designs that aim to create a cosy atmosphere.

Colour 16 - Rose Moon

HEX: #FFC2C2 | RGB: 255, 194, 194 | CMYK: 0, 24, 24, 0

Rose Moon is a gentle and soothing shade of pink, reminiscent of moonlit roses. This delicate hue brings a sense of tranquillity and romance to designs, making it perfect for capturing the essence of a serene evening.

Colour 17 - Watermelon

HEX: #FF5C5C | RGB: 255, 92, 92 | CMYK: 0, 64, 64, 0

Watermelon is a lively and vibrant pink that captures the essence of ripe fruit. This juicy hue adds a playful and refreshing touch to designs, evoking the carefree spirit of summer.

Colour 18 - Post Box

HEX: #FF0404 | RGB: 255, 4, 4 | CMYK: 0, 98, 98, 0

Post Box is a bold and attention-grabbing shade of pink-red. This intense colour demands notice, making it an ideal choice for designs that require a striking and impactful presence.

Colour 19 - Magenta Rose

HEX: #9E1A59 | RGB: 158, 26, 89 | CMYK: 0, 84, 44, 38

Magenta Rose is a rich and deep pink with magenta undertones. This colour exudes a sense of mystery and allure, making it a captivating choice for designs that seek to evoke intrigue.

Colour 20 - Dusty Rouge

HEX: #D77373 | RGB: 215, 115, 115 | CMYK: 0, 47, 47, 16

Dusty Rouge is a muted and sophisticated shade of pink with subtle brown undertones. This understated hue adds a touch of vintage charm and elegance to designs, creating a timeless and refined aesthetic.

Colour 21 - French Crepe

HEX: #FFEDED | RGB: 255, 237, 237 | CMYK: 0, 7, 7, 0

French Crepe is a delicate and soft shade of pink that exudes a gentle and romantic charm, making it an ideal choice for designs that aim to convey a sense of grace and femininity.

Colour 22 - Merlot

HEX: #720606 | RGB: 114, 6, 6 | CMYK: 0, 95, 95, 55

Merlot is a deep and luxurious shade of pink-red, reminiscent of the robust red wine it's named after. This colour exudes sophistication and elegance, making it a refined choice for designs that seek a touch of opulence and depth.

Colour 23 - Chilli Pepper

HEX: #CE0000 | RGB: 206, 0, 0 | CMYK: 0, 100, 100, 19

Chilli Pepper is a bold and fiery shade of red with strong pink undertones. This vibrant colour demands attention and adds a dynamic and energetic flair to designs, making it a powerful choice for those seeking a bold statement.

Colour 24 - Millennial Pink

HEX: #FFA9A9 | RGB: 255, 169, 169 | CMYK: 0, 34, 34, 0

Millennial Pink is a soft and contemporary shade that has become a modern classic. With its gentle and muted tones, this colour exudes a sense of calm and modernity, making it a popular choice for designs that aim to capture a sleek and stylish aesthetic.

Colour 25 - Mahogany Jam

HEX: #4C0000 | RGB: 76, 0, 0 | CMYK: 0, 100, 100, 70

And finally,  Mahogany Jam is a deep and rich hue that embodies the essence of aged mahogany. This intense colour adds a touch of drama and sophistication to designs, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a bold and impactful presence.

And There We Have It!

Over 25 shades of pink to infuse your February with love and inspiration!

From the playful Cotton Candy to the mysterious Hendrix, this colour collection is a celebration of the diverse emotions within the spectrum of pink. We hope these hues find their way into your creative endeavours, sparking a burst of romance, whether it's designing, painting, or simply appreciating the beauty that surrounds us!

Embrace the shades of love this February, and let your imagination bloom! 


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