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Why Buy a Premium Squarespace Template Kit?

Welcome to one of the most asked questions we face as a Squarespace template design studio:

"Why Should I Buy a Premium Squarespace Template Kit?"

There’s a chance you’ve already had a go at creating a website yourself using Wix, Squarespace or WordPress, and we’re proud of you for doing so, we are all for the DIY approach, especially when you’re a startup or small business.

There's a big issue though, just because you created your website yourself, unfortunately, you didn’t become a website designer overnight. We mean no disrespect, you have many talents, such as running your business or dealing with clients or making beautiful things to sell online, and quite honestly, your time is better spent doing those things.

Why buy a premium Squarespace template kit?

So either your project is doing more deterring than converting, or you haven’t made it past the first page (we are not judging you, we have been there my friend). This, however, doesn’t change the fact that hiring a web developer and designer is simply not within budget.

In the end, you have a business to run, and this is where our templates can be the gift you didn’t know you needed. Here are three reasons why templates could be the saving grace to your business:

Archetechs Squarespace Template for Archetects | Premium Website Template Design

01 | Squarespace Template Kits save you time

A well-strategised and thought-out website takes time, time that you probably don’t have balancing running your own business and hopefully living life to the fullest. So unless you do have the time to train up in web design, user experience and code, a template will be a welcome relief to give you a website that works and stands out.

99% of the time all you’ll have to do with our template is simply fill it out with your text, beautiful photos and your logo. Boom you’ve got a website designed by a team of web design experts for less than 10% of the price it would cost to hire us for a bespoke job.

Portfolio Squarespace Website Template for Designers | Premium Website Templates

02 | A professional Squarespace design to match your professional business

If we haven’t said it a million times before we’ll say it again, your site is the online storefront for your business. If you’re not feeling 100% on the website you’ve attempted yourself then why would you put it out into the world? Have a site that you are proud of. You’ll be in the confidence knowing you have a website that has been made by a web designer with your goals in mind.

Coaching Squarespace Template for Teachers | Premium Website Template Design

03 | Squarespace Template Kits are Budget Friendly

Money money money, we love to make it but for whatever reason hate to talk about it. In an ideal world, we would all have the budget to hire a modern designer and developer, figure out a strategy and create a website completely unique to us for under a few hundred pounds. Sadly this is not the case.

You guessed it > template. You can still have that chic high-converting website you need to get the customers piling in without blasting the budget.

Coaching Squarespace Template for Teachers | Premium Website Template Design

Not to mention, the added wins.

So it all sounds pretty good, right? Well, it doesn’t stop there. On top of the website that’s already been built for you, we also have templates that will transform your social media game as well!

Each Squarespace template comes with matching social media template kits as an add-on, and a handy inspiration guide for what to post. Cute, huh?

In one hit you’ve upgraded your entire online presence. Who is this fresh new biz? Oh, that’s you ;)

If you don’t have the time and budget but still want a professionally designed website then this could be your path.

So there it is, why buying a premium Squarespace template can make a lot of sense for a small business.



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