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Hi, I'm Ruby Rose Ellis

As the founder of Studio 77, a London-based website design company specializing in crafting tailor-made websites for brands in the feel-good sector, I embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way individuals and businesses approach web design


Introducing Squarebase, our brainchild and custom library of Squarespace templates, design kits, and Canva templates.

We believe that beautiful and professional websites should be accessible to everyone without compromising on quality or affordability. Join us on this exciting journey as we empower you to create stunning online experiences that leave a lasting impact, without breaking the bank.

"I’ve been designing websites and brands for over a decade now, so I know a thing or two about how to create designs that not only look good, but perform well, and I’ve bought that expertise into Squarebase."

ruby rose ellis

Why I Created Squarebase

Through my 13 year career of web design and branding, I've noticed that a lot of start-ups and small businesses are missing out on beautiful design because they can't justify investing thousands of pounds on their brand, for a business that isn't making profit yet.

And I get it, I’ve been there. That’s where Squarebase comes in.

I've created a library of custom Squarespace template kits, design kits and Canva Templates so you can get your business off the ground, quickly and easily and all whilst looking good and not breaking the bank.

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