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What is best? DIY vs Squarespace Templates Kits vs Custom Built Websites

Launching a website is an important step whether you're showcasing your work, launching a brand, or sharing a story. It can be overwhelming knowing which option is the best to choose, whether you're just starting out or wanting to explore solutions for a website redesign; here's our honest guide to which website option is best for you.


Do It Yourself AKA Building From Scratch Yourself

Embarking on the DIY route for your website offers a unique blend of creative freedom and skill-building opportunities. This approach is ideal for those who wish to have complete control over every aspect of their site, from design to functionality, while also being mindful of budget constraints.

Pros of DIYing Your Website

Complete Control

Opting for a DIY website build means you have the autonomy to tailor every facet of your site. This level of customisation allows for a truly unique representation of your vision and brand, ensuring that every detail, from the site's layout to its interactive features, aligns with your preferences and objectives. (Hint, work on your website goals before you even begin designing or building your website!)


Choosing the DIY route for building a website is highly cost-effective, as the primary expenses are limited to hosting and domain registration. This approach avoids the substantial costs of hiring designers or purchasing premium templates, making it an attractive option for those on a tight budget. 

Skill Development

Designing and building your website from the ground up offers you a significant opportunity for skill development. As you navigate through the various stages of web creation, from conceptual design to building, you'll acquire a comprehensive set of web development and design skills. This enhances your digital literacy and equips you with valuable competencies that can be applied to future projects or professional endeavours.

Cons of DIYing Your Website


Building a website from scratch is a time-intensive process encompassing various stages, including learning the necessary skills, designing, and actual development. Each phase, from conceptualising the layout to implementing features, demands attention to detail and a significant amount of time, making the entire process quite extensive.

Learning Curve

The learning curve for designing a website without prior experience can be steep, especially when using platforms like Squarespace for the first time. Navigating through design options, understanding platform-specific features, and applying best practices in web design requires time and effort to master, potentially leading to a challenging and sometimes overwhelming experience for newcomers.

Potential for Mistakes

When opting for a DIY approach in website building, the absence of professional oversight can increase the likelihood of encountering design and functionality issues. Without expert advice, making choices that might not be best for user experience or site performance is easy. This scenario can lead to common pitfalls such as non-responsive design, poor navigation structure, or slow loading times, which can significantly affect your site's effectiveness and visitor satisfaction.


Squarespace Template Kits: Professionally Pre-Designed Solutions

Squarespace Template kits offer a convenient and efficient solution for setting up your website, blending ease of use with professional design aesthetics. They serve as an ideal middle ground for those who seek a balance between customisation and convenience.

Pros of Squarespace Template Kits

Ease of Use

Template kits are user-friendly, designed to be intuitive even for those with minimal technical expertise. This accessibility allows individuals to establish a web presence without the need for extensive web development knowledge. Most template kits also come with bespoke video training, so even if you're a newbie, you can easily and quickly edit your site.


Leveraging pre-designed templates significantly accelerates the website creation process, enabling you to launch your site much faster compared to building from scratch. There are also often templates are are specifically designed for industries, such as website template kits for photographers, or designers, or architects, so a lot of the layout and content has been thought out on your behalf.


With an approximate cost of $200, template kits present an economical alternative to custom builds, offering professional-grade, industry-specific designs at a fraction of the price.

Cons of Squarespace Template Kits

You May Have Limited Customisations

While most templates offer some level of customisation, they inherently come with some design constraints, limiting your ability to completely personalise your site. Most template shops also have options where you can utilise their developers if you need, so you could use a combination of pre-built premium Squarespace Template kits, and a few hours of custom work for anything you're unable to achieve yourself.

Your Site Might Look Similar to Other Sites

Given the nature of template use, there's a possibility your website might share some visual similarities with others using the same design, potentially affecting its uniqueness. The good news is that generally, if you add your colours, fonts, photos and content, no two sites are truly the same!


Custom Built Websites

Opting for a custom-built website means choosing a path where every aspect of your online presence is crafted to your exact specifications, offering a level of uniqueness, expertise and quality that sets you apart.

Pros of Custom Website Builds

You Have A Completely Unique Design

Custom builds offer unparalleled uniqueness, ensuring that your website stands out in the digital landscape with a design that's exclusively yours, explicitly tailored to your audience and their requirements.

Professional Quality

Collaborating with a professional designer results in a site that not only looks polished but also functions seamlessly, providing a superior user experience.

Personalised Functionality

With a custom build, every feature and function of your website can be tailored to meet your specific needs, offering flexibility and scalability.

Cons of a Custom-Built Website

Higher Cost

The bespoke nature of custom websites comes with a higher price tag, which can range significantly based on the complexity and requirements of the project but typically falls between $2,000, to above and beyond $40,000.

Longer Development Time:

The process of designing and building a completely custom website is more time-consuming, as it involves thorough planning, design iterations, and development phases to bring your vision to life. If you're on a tight time frame, sometimes custom builds aren't your best option.


So, which do you choose?

As you consider the direction for creating your website, each option presents its own journey. The DIY approach brings the pride of crafting your site, template kits mix convenience with a touch of personal style, and custom builds offer a tailored digital identity.

Reflect on what resonates most with your vision and needs. Your decision will shape your online presence, so choose the path that aligns with your aspirations and the unique story you wish to tell through your website.

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